Getting Dog Antibiotics Without Vet Visit

Where can I find dog antibiotics without vet visit? Before answering that question, let’s discussing this matter. If we think that our dog can not live without us, it is nothing compared to the way the bacterial cultures go without their domestic intestines. Many of the bacteria that die in both dog and human being are indigenous when they are carried away. This makes them difficult for research, because even carefully prepared nutrient media are of no use. Where skin germs spread happily, daembacteria are perishing.

How is the intestinal flora in the dog?

Human babies, puppies and mucus-free mice have something in common; As long as they are supplied in the mother’s body, they are absolutely sterile. During the whole pregnancy, puppies only come into contact with their mothers, their food is pre-digested carefully and the room. Everything, the puppy was taken, is pre-cleaned by the maternal lungs and their intestines. The puppies are well protected in a fruit bubble and a muscular uterus. Here absolutely nothing and nobody has access. This state is unique and irretrievable.

The surfaces of body cells are wonderful for colonizing bacteria. This is not a coincidence, considering the fact that the bacteria have been cooperating with their “life partners” for thousands of years. As soon as the protective fruit bubble bursts, the colonization of the puppy starts. First of all, with the selected bacteria, which are in the mother’s canal of the mother. It is to a large extent from lactobacilli, the lactic acid itself and thus an acid safety control. This is of immense importance to the health of our puppy.

Dog Antibiotics Without Vet Visit


Also not quite harmless, but often very useful, is the administration of antibiotics. These drugs kill dangerous pathogens very reliably and anything that looks similar in the remotest way. Antibiotics therefore act against dangerous and against good bacteria. They are eradicated, poisoned and rendered incapacitated. Antibiotics are very efficient in the fight against bacteria and should be used when appropriate. By the way, certain antibiotics are also produced by the bacteria themselves.

Nevertheless, antibiotics, even in the dog, should be considered as “as necessary, as little as possible” because they change the intestinal flora clearly: the variety of intestinal microbes decreases and their abilities can also change, for example, whether Vitamins are produced or what food is used, because the tablets migrate through the mouth first into the stomach and intestine, where they develop their lethal effect on microorganisms and only then enter the blood circulation in order to get to the real problem areas.

Dog Antibiotics Without Vet Visit Near Me

Nevertheless, if the dog needs it, you should administer all the prescribed antibiotic treatment. Because antibiotics rarely kill all bacteria, but usually certain communities. If there are now a few survivors, however, it promotes so-called resistance formation. For the bacteria, who have survived an antibiotic cure by a clever technique, pass this technique on to their offspring. And since there are only a limited number of antibiotics, it is quite possible that, after several antibiotic treatments, only such bacteria will colonize the intestine, which are familiar with all cures. Say, there is no longer an effective means of preventing the hostile bacteria, and this can be fatal according to the disease. For this reason, the whole cure must be administered reliably, because then all bacteria are destroyed, which means that no resistance can form.

A topic that scientists have hitherto experienced in humans more than in dogs, is the caesarean section. This type of birth is also increasingly an issue in dogs. In addition to birth problems, the breed of Kaiserschnitt is almost a standard procedure, especially in breeds with very large heads and narrow pelvises, such as the pug or the boxer. For this form of obstetrics, the mother bitch and thus also the puppies are narcotized. Within 20 minutes, the puppies are taken and then dryly rubbed by human helpers, stimulated breathing, the umbilical cord, the afterbirth removed and the puppies kept warm. Approximately two hours later, the puppies can be put into the dog’s home for the first time.

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